It’s full steam ahead at AMOB’s new facilities!

Img - Full-steam-ahead-at-AMOB-giant-machinery

AMOB has had a fantastic year to date with hundreds of machines produced so far. After the annual two-week closure in August, the plant is already buzzing with activity — currently producing two MAH-600 section benders, capable of bending 650 x 120mm flat bar and 558mm OD plus 15mm wall pipe, two MAH-700 section benders, capable of bending 1000 x 150mm flat bar, 610mm OD plus 18mm wall pipe, and one CH-220CNC mandrel tube bender, capable of bending 219mm OD, 12.7mm wall pipe on a 1.5D CLR – as well as numerous other fully electric CNC tube benders and hydraulic CNC pipe benders.

AMOB has established a global presence as one of the biggest players to produce giant machines – all in their state of the art manufacturing hub in Porto, Portugal. With huge investments in modern day manufacturing techniques AMOB can offer delivery of huge capacity machines within very competitive time frames. And with orders on the rise, there’s no doubt that AMOB has cemented its position as a world leader in heavy-duty machinery.

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