Img - Pipe Bender CH120CNC

AMOB SA continues taking consecutive orders for its CH 120CNC version, one of the most sold pipe bender in the very popular AMOB CH series. This time, 5 units have been ordered to equip the world biggest shipyard based in China. The CH 120 CNC, a horizontal CNC pipe bending machine, has unparalleled rigidity and agility, specifically designed for high-precision bends of large and thick pipes up to 114mm OD.
This pipe bender employs a thick bed and a robust construction which guarantees smooth bends and exceptional pipe bending results even on extremely small bending radius (1,2 x OD).

AMOB SA a world class manufacture of tube and pipe bending machines performing cold bends up to 323,9mm OD has once again been the chosen one.

Thank you for choosing AMOB!

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