Boiler Tube Bending Machine – CH-B Series Tube Bender

Boiler Tube Bending Machine
The CH-B Series

AMOB has specifically designed the Boiler Tube Bending Machine to meet the manufacturing necessities.

We have apply our technology and knowledge to respond to the manufacturing demands of boiler boiler tubes, superheating coils, water wall panels and economizing coils.

Our CNC Boiler Tube Bender takes tube boiler bending to the top level, and when 1D CLR bending is required or wall thinning is critical.

AMOB has the most efficient and innovative solution for producing extra-tight radius bends with minimal deformation.

When we use the booster device, in conjunction with a fully hydraulic CNC bending machine, we enable precision parts replication with minimal process times as well as eliminating the possibility of human error.

AMOB puts us at the forefront of the market in terms of minimal elongation and deformation percentages.

This happen because of the capacity of up to 320mm the booster tube bender device from. Once is the key in this market sector, is especially relevant.

As a result of the ability to combine both state of the art machinery innovation with proven tooling design and production techniques, we are at the forefront of the boiler production sector.

Some Highlights of the Boiler Tube Bending Machine:

  • Booster bending: We integrate the pressure die assist/booster cylinder into the pressure die carrier head.
  • Compound Tooling: Machined tube groove matching the contour of the previous bend.
  • Serpentine tooling: Designed to exact centerline radii specifications requiring continuous 180-degree plane change.
  • Special propose tooling: We can also equip our CH-L series machine with punching unit at your request.
  • Online diagnosis: AMOB CNC models permit online safe access for online diagnosis.

Benefits of the Boiler Tube Bending Machine:

  • Touch Screen
  • User-friendly
  • High Capacity
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