AMOB delivers a bespoke machine to multinational renewable energy company

Image of Roll Forming - PF Series - Metallic structure

Roll forming line specialists AMOB recently met yet another customer challenge with a newly-delivered PF14 machine – a fully-automatic roll forming CNC line, which will be used in the production of solar panel structures.

The client’s main requirement was for the machine to be able to manipulate from 100mm up to 580mm wide sheet, but they also wanted to future-proof the machine for projects down the line. AMOB’s in-house technical department accepted the challenge and delivered the machine early this year – conceiving, designing, manufacturing and testing the product all under one roof.

Upon customer approval, AMOB’s very own installation team travelled to Chile to deliver the machine, install it and train all operatives on the four different devices that come together to produce the end product:

A built-in decoiler, with:

Foot pedal for manual or automatic control.

Loading table with up and down movement and side displacement for heavy coils.

Motorised coil rotation.

Plate sensor, to control the amount of plate during the rolling process.

CNC punching unit:

For programming any type of punching, with up to ten designs of cutting tools, which can be used independently or conjugated in each punching movement.

Servo-controlled movements of the punching table and plate feeding.

Pneumatic plate storage:

Storage plate for the roll forming process.

Easy to install – no need for a pit.

Contributes to the flow of the process.

Roll forming line:

Variable speed.

Independently adjustable tools to enable different profiles.

Adjusted tool setup allows changes on the geometry of the profile – for example, a similar shape but different width, dimension or flap dimension.

Automatic cut and download table.

Quick cassette interchangeable system which can be easily adapted for a great number of profiles with different geometries and materials.

If you are looking for the complete solution from raw stock to finished profile then AMOB should be your first choice – please contact us for more information.

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