Tube bender for world’s leading table tennis table suppliers

Img - AMOB-supplies-worlds-leading-sports-goods-manufacturer

AMOB recently delivered a 52mm capacity fully-electric CNC tube bender to one of the world’s leading table tennis table suppliers.

The consumer goods producer needed to increase capacity and throughput without doubling up on machines. AMOB provided the solution with the eMOB range of fully-electric pipe benders, which not only dramatically reduce product cycle times but also remove waste from the process.

The eMOB fully-electric CNC pipe bender has 9 fully automatic CNC axes. The versatility of the eMOB range of mandrel benders allows both fixed and variable radius bending in a single length of tube. This, in conjunction with the built-in automatic spring back verification and correction system, ensures all products are right first time with no waste.

With the implementation of the eMOB 52 within their production line, both of The customers goals were achieved. Another project successfully delivered by the world leading manufacturer of tube benders – AMOB!