Innovative solution to the road traffic industry

Img - Road_traffic_end_forming_machine_AMOB_MB150

Making structural street furniture is no mean feat, but AMOB’s range of machines are perfectly suited to this industry – as we proved this week to another happy customer! The client needed a machine to reduce 127mm OD tube to 119.8mm, to a depth of 520mm whilst bevelling the end in a single automatic cycle. With these very specific and concise requirements, we knew it would be a challenge – but one that we were happy to accept.
The challenge facing AMOB was the length of the end form; at more than four times the diameter the flex of the tube had to be carefully considered. This, in conjunction with the end form being completed in a single strike, made the task all the more difficult. Keeping the end form in tolerance all the way along the tube was critical, along with ensuring lubrication was applied throughout.
Following some innovative tooling design and in-house testing, AMOB delivered and successfully installed an MB 150/1 end forming machine. The customer was extremely pleased that all of the requirements were met, as well as the dramatically reduced cycle times – an extra bonus!
AMOB can deliver any type of end forming operation required. With all design, development, testing and trials done in-house, under one roof, AMOB can be your turnkey package provider.

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