Tube end forming machine acquired by a large scaffolding manufacturer

Large scaffolding manufacturer in europe has acquired an AMOB tube end forming machine MB100-3!

Once again our tube end forming machine, reveal to be the best option on the market. Since ancient times the scaffolding has been used in the construction sector. Based on the experience of its ancestors, and at the same time, taking advantage of the modern technological solutions like our tube end forming machine, this company offers systems of scaffolding that allow to realize the work in height in a comfortable and simple way. The scaffolding that our client presents to the market is characterized by high stability, safety and simplicity of construction.

Our customer is aware of his great responsibility to the users of his scaffolding. This awareness is very important as you mobilize all your skills to create high-end solutions. Its products are made of the highest quality materials and with great precision in order to guarantee maximum quality and safety. So they look for the best equipment on the market to be able to comply with these concerns, so they found in our MB100-3 tube end forming machine to increase the finishing quality of their scaffolding.


Our Tube End Forming Machines can manipulate up to 150mm OD tube and pipe, convering a wide range of diameters and applications. With one to three station tube end formers, along with the ability to integrate additional punching stations, AMOB can cater for any application with our in-house custom design and manufacturing abilities.

With a small compact operating area,our endforming machines can be easily integrated within an automatic production cell. These fully hydraulic machines enable consistency, reliability and fast production cycle times, and can be easily attached to a wide range of systems.


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