Tube bending machine to new Spanish client

Image of Fully Electric Tube Bending Machine with Rotative Head

Amob suplies fully electric tube bending machine with rotative head to new spanish client

AMOB has delivered a new, multi-stack rotative head, Fully Electric CNC Tube Bending Machine to a furniture manufacturing company based in Spain.

The eMOB-52 tube bending machine was installed earlier this year to enable the customer to manipulate tube from 18mm to 40mm outside diameter. Due to the complexity of the metal furniture they produce, a dual head machine was the only option – the parts they required were just not possible on a one-sided machine. With in-process right-handed or left-handed bending, fixed or variable radius, in single or multiple radii, the eMOB-52 with a dual head was the perfect solution.

This fully-electric pipe bender works at extreme speeds whilst maintaining complete control. All the different axis on the machine are independently controlled by absolute servo motors, so the speed and movement of each axis can be synchronised and optimised for seamless manufacturing and drastically reduced cycle times.

The accuracy of the eMOB-52 is exceptional – the electronic motion control system that each motor uses ensures the selected position is always the same. This means that fully-electric machines do not experience the same issues that more conventional fully-hydraulic machines do: for the latter, the user has to make small alterations to the machine and therefore incur waste.

The productivity of the fully-electric CNC eMOB range is much higher than conventional CNC machines due to the multiple axis moving at the same time. This reduces cycle times, and therefore increases production. Equally quick setup times between different products, minimal adjustments in production runs, reduced energy consumption and low maintenance procedures mean that fully-electric machines are the future.

AMOB’s 3D bending software enables products to be produced correctly – first time. Once the part has been loaded into the software, the machine automatically calculates the optimum production cycle and therefore the fastest manufacturing time. The in-cycle spring back compensation calculations prevent any trial and error requirement, eliminating waste and testing time during the tooling changeover process. This makes the eMOB range ideal for customers that require high accuracy in small production runs, and those looking to manipulate premium materials.

On top of this, the setup and programming of the eMOB fully-electric range is extremely user-friendly. All the 3D bending software features (such as CAD import, tooling libraries, 3D visualisation of parts, anti-collision simulation and spring back compensation) enable production to be started in next to no time.

All of the above features of the eMOB-52 dual head fully-electric CNC tube bender made it the only choice for our customer. The machine has been installed and commissioned and is now successfully manufacturing the customer’s products! If your company has a requirement for a complex tubular part then look no further than AMOB’s eMOB range of tube bending machines.