Section Bending Machine to Steel Strutures Producer

Section Bending Machine

Largest steel strutures producer in Europe, choose AMOB Section Bending Machines!

After extensive market research to the solutions that the big players in heavy duty sections benders have to offer. One of the largest steel strutures producers in Europe, choose AMOB to be their supplier of section bending machines. The option of this costumer was the MAH170/3AC from our MAH-ACHD Series.

Steel structures more and more on demand, they are a durable, reliable, economical and are sustainable option for various types of construction projects also the variety of shapes and sizes available allows virtually any architectural requirement to be met. This has led to an increase demand from several constructions sectors.

Our clients believe that in order to value their customers and meet their needs, they need to do more than just provide a “low offer” on proposal day, but rather take an active role in the industry, invest in long-term relationships with the customers and provide extreme quality in their supply and construction.



Recognition as one of the better supplier in the world in a such specific and demanding sector doesn’t come easy, AMOB build they’re reputation based on experience, know-how, technical skills but mainly, by understanding the needs and the difficulties that this activity brings to our customers and developing real solutions for real problems.

On AMOB you can find the world’s largest Section Bending Machine! The MAH-ACHD range of heavy-duty section bending machines caters for high end, heavy duty profile and section bending.


With capabilities for bending up to IPE 270 beam, they are extremely heavy-duty and additionally can cater for a huge range of profiles and sections.

Like all section benders from the MAH-ACHD range, these are the first products from AMOB in order to feature planetary moving bottom rolls – allowing for faster and tighter bending and a more efficient production time.

This range of section bending machines is available in both CNC and NC with AMOB’s specially developed auto learning software. This software removes the need to do sacrificial test bends in order to reduces scrap material and wasted production time.

The MAH-ACHD series from AMOB is the largest capacity range in the world – look no further than this range for bending the largest profiles.

Section Bending Machine standard specifications:

  • Three driven rolls
  • Standard rolls
  • Hydraulic standard guide rolls
  • Horizontal working position
  • Bottom rolls with programmable digital read-out
  • Command with safety device
  • Hydraulic adjustment of bottom rolls
  • Electronic overload protection
  • Hydraulic angle bending
  • guide rolls

Section Bending Machine optional specifications:

  • Special rolls for profile/tubes
  • Guide rolls with digital read out
  • Variable speed
  • Pulling arm device
  • Pulling arm device rolls