Rollforming line to a major solar panel installation company

Img - Solar Panel Structures Rollforming Line

The fully automatic PF-14 CNC rollforming line is capable of manipulating 1.5 to 3mm thick mild steel whilst in continuous production – 24 hours a day. The user-friendly, quick cassette changeover system also allows a huge variety of different profiles to be formed whilst minimising any production downtime. Plus, the CNC interface allows all the customer’s different profiles to be stored in one place for quick and easy loading once the tooling changeover has taken place.

The machine was designed, developed, manufactured and then fully tested at AMOB’s main manufacturing site in Portugal, Europe. The machine includes a built-in 10 tonne capacity motorised decoiler, an intermediate 60T capacity CNC punching unit (that has a capacity of up to 50 punches per minute) and a continuous cutting head that reduces waste. A two-sided offloading system was also fitted, to allow the machine to run at full speed without any hold ups.

If your company has a Roll Forming requirement, then look no further than AMOB.