Tube Bender Software – AMOBCNC and AMOBAPP

Tube Bender Software 

AMOB 3D Tube Bender Software is at the cutting-edge of tube bending applications. Extremely easy to operate, it allows direct programming using coordinates or LRA, as well as importing CAD files.

Amongst other features it also boasts automatic spring-back compensation, stores tooling configuration and geometry, and features anti-collision properties for component feasibility, without prototyping or wasting material.

Thanks to its intuitive software design, which utilises a stepping program, it’s very easy to use, than is an ideal choice for both junior or senior operators.


Tube Bender Software – AMOB CNC in Summary

  • 3D display of tube development
  • Simultaneous axis movements (reduced cycle time)
  • Tube length computing
  • Continuous machine monitoring
  • Anti-collision tests software as standard feature
  • Detailed tool display
  • Clear machine display
  • Data insert (XYZ and LRA)
  • Tooling storage
  • Online diagnosis
  • XYZ and LRA programming

Not only is compatible,  with a wide variety of CAD softwares (Autocad, Inventor, Solid Works, Nupas Cadmatic, Tribon, etc), but also is able to automatically download most used extensions such as .Step, .Dxf and .Bkt files.

Tube Bender Software – AMOBAPP in Summary

AMOBAPP is the ultimate aid for AMOB bending machines users in day-to-day operations.
Basically with the simply entering tube OD, wall thickness, material and CLR, you will receive a visual representation of what’s required to perform the perfect bend.
The tool archive allows management of pre-existing tooling and also adjustment details.

Tube Bender Software – AMOBAPP :

  • tool setup and archive
  • tool notes and adjustments
  • coordinate converter (XYZ- LRA)
  • bending guide,
  • metric and imperial settings
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