Rotary Draw Bender – PT Series Tube Bending Machine

Rotary Draw Bender – The PT Series 

AMOB Rotary Draw Bender cover the needs of those bending large centre line radiuses and above. Usually these tubes do not require a mandrel which promotes quick tooling changeover and reduced setup time.

With great portability and a small footprint our non mandrel tube benders we can move and store as and when we require. With a numerically controlled stop system they also promote both reliability and repeatability.

Due to the user interface this rotary draw tube bending machines can be used by both the most seasoned operator and a newly appointed apprentice.

If large radius, thick walled tube bending is your business then AMOB Beam Bending Machines has your solution.

PT Series | Rotary Draw Bender

  • User-friendly controller: PT series machines are equipped with easy-to-operate digital readout controls.
  • Permutable shaft: The PT series is equipped with a permutable shaft for tight radii.
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