MOR Design: A decoration store with simple and minimalist pieces

Designed with a AMOB bending machine!

A 100% Portuguese brand, characterized by high quality products with a minimalist design, where raw materials are carefully selected.

“Our concept is to sell pieces and decoration objects that have a long life cycle, not only because of their quality, but also because of the style that is not going out of fashion”, says Pedro Sottomayor, product designer.

AMOB is fundamental in the production of some MOR Design pieces, such as the famous LISBOA lounge chair, one of the brand’s “best sellers”. For this, they have an electric tube bending machine from the eMOB 2 Bend series.

Our bending machines and our company follow the same ideals of MOR Design, products made with the best raw materials to last a lifetime! The fact that AMOB has full control of the production process, everything is designed by our team, in-house, is an added value for us to maintain the high standards of excellence and quality.

The eMOB 42 2 Bend, a machine recommended by the AMOB team taking into account the needs of MOR Design has its main feature, the change of bending direction through a rotating head. Stands out for achieving a left/right bend in cycle, with wiper die support, allowing to perform bends with quality and precision in tubes with tighter bending radii and bigger Diameter/Thickness ratios.

LISBOA lounge chair

Embracing the purpose of taking a break, the LISBOA chair invites you to just sit and relax. Combining many observations from different cultures of how people use chairs and which role they play in their every-day life, Keiji Takeuchi designed the LISBOA lounge chair with a vision.

Made for moments of serenity, this chair is not only aesthetically pleasing but perfect to enjoy life as much as possible. Due to the open structure of organically shaped stainless-steel tubes, the chair is very light, to be flexibly positioned wherever needed.

Sitting in a very low position, glasses or books can easily be placed on the ground, so side tables are not necessary. Practicality, material, proportions, and purpose create the atmospheric aesthetics of the chair, making it a functional yet sculptural piece of usage.

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