Mandrel bender to children’s playground manufacturers

Img - Mandrel Bender - Fully Electic CNC Tube Bender

AMOB delivers innovative mandrel bender to children’s playground manufacturers within six weeks of order

AMOB recently supplied a brand new, fully CNC, CE-90-CNC-R variable and fixed radius mandrel tube bender to one of the world’s biggest children’s playground manufacturers. The electric mandrel bender was ordered in May and installed within six weeks of receiving the order, as the machine was ready and in stock – a new philosophy for AMOB in 2018.

The tools were manufactured within three weeks, and the machine was loaded and shipped by week four. Installation took place in week five and full on-site training by two AMOB technicians completed the project in week six. The customer was extremely happy with the entire process as they were in full production by the seventh week – which was in fact seven days ahead of schedule.

The Electric CNC Tube Bender – CE CNC R series of AMOB’s is the ultimate in efficiency and green technology. With up to three tooling stacks, the mandrel bender can have two fixed radii tools plus one variable radius tool – or alternatively three fixed radii depending on the application. On top of that, they allow bends with no straight between them when equipped with more than one stack feature.

Processing tube from 10mmup to 90mm OD, these machines are ideal for medium to large jobs. The four-axis servo-controlled plane of bend clamp takes care of all the tube alignment and rotation – being accurate down to 0.05mm/0.05 degrees. There is also the option to add welding detection, punching/cutting mechanisms and integrated loading or unloading systems.

All Electric CNC Tube Bender – CE CNC R series machines are equipped with the latest AMOB 3D bending software, which includes online diagnosis for remote support direct from AMOB’s headquarters. This, as well as low and easy maintenance features, make this range particularly hassle-free in respect to both production and upkeep.

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