One of the largest Iberian roll forming lines.

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One of the largest roll forming lines produced in the Iberian Peninsula left the premises of AMOB.

Operating in the metal equipment production sector, developing and producing solutions for 36 years, this client quickly made metal processing its core business. All the knowledge acquired would later become one of the fundamental points, with regard to the production of scaffolding and OEM products.

All the experience acquired in the family business of production of metallic equipment and structures was decisive to achieve high standards of quality in the final products, as well as helping the company to grow together with the market demands and become a reference in the supply of scaffolding, through a continuous effort in value propositions and brand recognition.

Today they face the challenges of the market as new business opportunities, creating real value, anticipating and overcoming obstacles and that is what led them in the search for a new roll forming line for their production line that would guarantee the coverage of all requirements quality to which the brand has become accustomed to the market.

AMOB roll forming machines are developed and produced according to the customer’s needs. This form of development adapted to real needs, places AMOB as a world reference in the market.

Since 1960, our innovative solutions in roll forming lines have provided us with an enormous wealth of experience and technical vision in the profiling area, meeting any requirement through personalization and innovation. From decoiling, through to rollforming and then onto bending, as you can see in this solution tailored to the needs of this client.

This roll forming line was composed of the following elements:r:

  • 10 ton decoiler, with integrated loading and unloading system;
  • Plate welder, to quickly and automatically weld the ends of the coils together to reduce material waste and downtime when placing new rolls;
  • Feeder/Straightener, contributing to an uninterrupted line operation;
  • 250 ton press for plate punching;
  • CNC control: AMOB’s user-friendly CNC touch screen display enables full control of the automatic line in a synchronised and also in a autonomous way.
  • Roll Forming machine with 40 stations,  equipped with quick change of cassettes, adjustable tools for producing profiles with different dimensions, multiple profiles in the same equipment.
  • Cut-to-lenght:;
  • Offload system: To increase the efficacy of the roll forming,
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We are very proud of our reputation and for providing profilers in a “turnkey” way, where we remove any and all concerns from our customers when purchasing a roll forming line.