Global greenhouse company chooses AMOB’s CNC Profile Bender for their needs

Image of Industrial Greenhouses

A worldwide greenhouse manufacturer has installed a turnkey AMOB CNC roll-bending manufacturing cell into its production line. With a clear requirement from the outset, the customer requested a product that would roll 100mm x 60mm oval tube the hard way – to varying radi with absolute repeatability.

The AMOB in-house projecting team quickly developed a solution to meet and exceed the customer’s specifications – meeting their repeatability requirements as well as offering minimal material marking. The chosen machine was the MAH 12O CNC, teamed with custom designed tooling and a customised loading and unloading system.

The CNC section bender has a capacity of 15m per minute in fully automatic mode. It was successfully integrated into a fully automated production cell at the client’s factory earlier this year. This new production cell allows autonomous loading, bending, unloading and packaging without the need for manual interaction, allowing the company to increase their throughput to a level never previously possible. The profile bender, and its CNC capabilities, allows variable radius parts to be produced with exacting repeatability.

Img - Flat Oval Tube Bend Metering

If your company has a custom section bending application, then look no further than AMOB!

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