AMOB secures deal with world-renowned furniture company

Img - 3 eMOB Fully Electric Tube Benders at the same time

AMOB secures deal with world-renowned furniture company.

One of the biggest metallic furniture companies in the world have acquired three eMOB 52 fully electric tube benders from AMOB – one for each of their three production units in Europe.

The firm, who were looking to equip their premises with the highest bending technology, were aiming to respond to market growth and need whilst being able to produce pieces with rough design. The eMOB 52 fully electric tube bender was the perfect option – working at high speed with complete control, each and every axis are independently controlled by absolute servo motors, meaning the speed and movement of each can be synchronised and optimised to perfection. This drastically reduces the cycle time, allowing the user to meet higher targets more efficiently.

Accuracy is always spot on with eMOB machines – the electronic motion control system of the motors assures that the chosen position will always be the same. Equally, fully-electric machines are not subject to behaviour changes along the way, meaning there’s no time or material lost tweaking the machine – another time-saving benefit.

Productivity was key to the customer, so the fully electric tube benders low setup procedures and energy cost reduction qualities was all-important, while waste is reduced drastically with the in-build 3D bending software, which allows the operator to program as close to the optimum as possible. Additionally, the in-cycle spring-back compensation prevents trial and error operations, eliminating waste and testing periods during the tooling changeover process – ideal for high-accuracy sectors, small batch productions and those working with premium materials.

Another happy customer – thank you for choosing AMOB.

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