Right and Left Tube Bender to Major Electrical Cable Company

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Right and Left Tube Bender to Major Electrical Cable Company

AMOB recently worked with a long-standing electrical cable company to supply a right and left fully-electric CNC tube bender for its production cell. The customer’s heritage dates back to the 1950s, making it one of the founders in the field of electrical cables in Spain – so they are constantly working to evolve and progress into new markets, and keep up with new manufacturing techniques.

Though based in northern Spain, the client markets to the likes of France, Portugal, North Africa and the Persian Gulf – and more recently, they have expanded into Central and South America. For this reason, they were looking to invest in some more sophisticated machinery to deal with their market growth.

Their cable carts are not only manufactured with state-of-the-art technology, but also have to comply highly with international safety standards. As one of the top manufacturers with a high number of certified products – its cable carts are the most reliable in Europe and now also in Latin American market. So there was certainly a reputation to maintain!

With this in mind, AMOB’s right and left fully-electric CNC tube bender, the eMOB42CNC, was the ideal choice. Using the highest quality bending technology with an automatic feed cell, it was the perfect option to meet the customer’s growth requirements, as well as to maintain the quality of its products.

This machine can effortlessly process tube from 10mm up to 220mm OD – as well as right and left bend directions for limitless bends and multi-stack capability. It can also bend fixed and variable radii within the same cycle, and allow bending with no straight in between. A carriage booster allows bends with radii as tight as 1D and consequently eliminates clamping marks.

The entire eMOB series of machinery is also equipped with the newly-updated and very user-friendly AMOB 3D software.Amongst other features it allows automatic spring-back compensation as well as ‘in cycle’ correction, stores tooling configuration, runs anti-collision and interpolates all 9 axis. This shortens set up and cycle times, consequently eliminating waste and testing periods during the tooling changeover process. As a result, it’s ideal for those working with premium materials, where any error is costly.

Welding detection, punching/cutting mechanisms and integrated loading/unloading systems are also available.

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