eMOB 150 fully-electric CNC rectangular hollow sections

Img - Fully_Electric_CNC_tube_bending_machine_eMOB150CNC_rectangular_tube

Recently, AMOB introduced an eMOB 150 fully-electric CNC mandrel bender to its growing product range – specifically for bending box and rectangular hollow sections.
Bending square hollow sections in both planes is nothing new to AMOB, but bending a rectangular hollow section in the same way was more of a feat for our technical department! Following a customer’s requirement for a machine to bend both, we set about meeting the challenge.
As the eMOB range of fully-electric CNC mandrel benders can incorporate multi stack tooling, this was not an issue. The challenge was to incorporate a mandrel that could flex in both planes so the rectangular hollow section could be bent without deformation, with no need to be unloaded and then reloaded after the mandrel had been changed.
As expected, the technical department delivered and fulfilled the customer’s original requirement. The eMOB 150 fully-electric CNC mandrel bender can produce rectangular hollow sections in both the easy and hard planes – in a single length of material without any tooling changeovers!

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