Discover the main options that revolutionize the CH series machines!

Stability, rigidity and low consumption, these are the main features of the CH series.

According to the constant demands of the market, AMOB has been improving all the components of this series so that its performance remains constantly high.

This range is capable of processing pipes from 5mm to 420mm outside diameter, which makes these bending machines versatile and compatible with many types of industries. Capable of storing tool configurations, they also allow elasticity return compensation, have a simulation technology and in their latest version, the axes are fully automatic.

The CH series is also equipped with the latest and most intuitive software on the market – AMOB 3D Software. Not only is it capable of importing 3D files, it also has many other features!

It allows direct programming using coordinates (X, Y, Z radius) or LRA, as well as importing CAD files. Multi-user, customizable permissions and access levels, production traceability, errors, and machine events (with the possibility of exporting data in .CSV files, integration with a database or OPC server) and configurable automatic backups.

In this article, we will reveal the 5 options of this series capable of revolutionizing any production process!

1. Automatic loading system – To maximize your machine’s efficiency, an automatic loading system can easily be added.

2. Integrated cutting using a saw – One of the extras most requested by AMOB customers, this saw allows for a quick separation of the finished curved pieces.

3. Split die system – Here the die opens in half, dividing the mold into two parts, which allows the design of rectangular and square tubes.

4. Compound bend rotary clamp die – Tool that allows bends with precision without straight parts between them.

4. Swing Away Clamp Die System – Tool that allows the projection of serpentines with precision through highly rigorous bends.

The list of optional equipment produced by AMOB is endless, we highlight the 5 main ones so that you can easily optimize your production time. Our expert technicians are available to advise everyone who seeks AMOB in order to acquire the best bending solution taking into account their needs and business area.

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