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Lots of news and updates! One of them is related to the MDH series tube bending machines.

The versatile MDH range is the right choice for anyone starting in the world of bending, being a great choice as a complement to production, prototyping and even market validation.

Being a model already known in the market and with proven simplicity, robustness and durability, this new update improves ergonomic aspects, control and process optimization, guaranteeing a response to the latest needs of our partners.

At AMOB, every day we seek to be at the forefront of technology, innovation and sustainability. By adding the CN3 Version to the MDH range we have achieved:

– Dynamic control of all axes of the machine;

– Import and export of programs as well as machine/tool configurations;

– Greater efficiency in terms of energy and production;

With the control completely developed from scratch by the automation team for this model, we made the new interface:

– More interactive, graphic and easy to use;

– With the possibility of internally storing up to 3000 programs;

– Dynamic search box to facilitate daily use;

– Communicative and easy-to-interpret messages and operations;

– Detailed description of alarms and errors including maintenance notices;


On request:

– Possibility of remote connection to the machine and remote assistance;

– Real-time access to the machine interface from smartphone, tablet or PC;

– Various security solutions, man/machine available;

These new solutions can be installed in a personalized way in the different models of MDH range, where the main objective is to reduce the resources consumption and increase productivity.

For these and other innovations, the AMOB team works every day to get closer to the needs and requirements of our partners. With more than 60 years of history and presence in the market, AMOB is constantly looking for new opportunities, exploring new concepts and solutions, contributing to the modernization of the worldwide industry, cooperating in a more sustainable, more conscious, and mostly more AMOB.

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