CNC tube bending machine to the Scandinavian piping industry

Imag - Scandinavian_piping_company_CNC_tube_bender_CH120CNC

AMOB delivers a brand new CNC tube bending machine to the Scandinavian piping industry

AMOB faced a particularly technical challenge recently, when briefed to produce a machine to manipulate tube for installation in some of the harshest environments in the world. The material in question was extremely strong and tough, making it far more difficult to bend than standard, off-the-shelf material.

To tackle this, AMOB’s technical department conducted in-house simulations, testing various tube benders against the same exceptional environments as the customer’s product – including extremely cold temperatures and other demanding conditions. The results showed the fully-hydraulic CH-120-CNC was the machine for the job!

Not only was the machine delivered with 9 sets of quick-change tooling, but also twenty one quick-change mandrels and an associated mandrel rack. The CNC controller was also equipped with additional memory to allow it to hold up to 5 million different parts – this allows the customer to save every single part that passes through the machine. The machine was successfully delivered, installed and commissioned, with all 8 operatives trained last month.

In the past, AMOB have provided similar solutions for other industries such as ship building companies – and continue to relish the opportunity to conquer all client challenges, no matter the size. Get in touch with your query now!

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