CNC mandrel bender to one of the largest manufacturer of hydraulic presses

Img - High-pressure-hydraulic-pipe-lines-CNC-pipe-bender-CH60CNC

A global manufacturing giant recently enlisted the help of AMOB to supply their premises with a new fully-hydraulic, fully-CNC mandrel bender – in order to streamline and boost production of their world-renowned range of hydraulic presses.

The customer – due to dealing with many special projects involving intricate piping systems – specified a need for direct import of CAD files to the machine, without issue or data loss. The chosen CH-60-CNC mandrel bender does exactly that, as well as allowing the user to view the component in 3D on AMOB’s own bending software. Equally, the need for a large internal storage capacity was vital, with a high amount of differing components in use by the customer. AMOB’S CH range can hold up millions of parts, comfortably meeting the client’s requirements.


Accuracy and repeatability was also essential. Tubes and pipes are critical components of presses, particularly in this customer’s case – manufacturing heavy-duty products that have the capacity to produce up to 100,000kN of force. With fixed inlets and outlets, the bent components have to be extremely accurate – as even half a degree can cause fitting issues. Fortunately, the CH-60-CNC’s accuracy and repeatability ensures the correct fit, first time.

To meet the demand of the customer’s ever-burgeoning order book, production throughput needed to be increased too. The CH-60-CNC really delivers on efficiency – fast cycle times, reduced waste and quick tooling setup results in a much leaner manufacturing process.Of course, the new machine needed to be integrated into the client’s current production cell in their Spanish factory. Luckily, AMOB’s in-house technical team have decades of experience in interfacing the CH CNC range within automated cells. This made the project integration seamless and efficient – and from the customer’s standpoint, one of the many factors that meant AMOB were the chosen supplier.

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