Bending Talks – Episode 2

João Silva – Sales Director of AMOB group

Bending Talks is a series entirely produced by AMOB where we will unveil a little more of our internal structure!

In this second episode we will meet our sales director João Silva, who will explain his career path, as well as the main challenges of a leadership position. Now available online, a testimony full of commitment and dedication.

In an honest conversation, João Silva shares his experiences and his professional career, which began in 2009. Always connected to the engineering and commercial areas, he worked for small companies as well as multinationals. “And it was the combination of these experiences that gave me this portfolio of knowledge that I bring to AMOB today and that shapes my way of being professionally. AMOB is a company that commercially has a well marked global presence.” Says João Silva.

João started working in the markets of Portugal and Spain, but soon came the need to enter into new markets due to a network of dealers and partners that AMOB were developing at the time. “AMOB showed a continuous growth in sales and recently the administration invited me to assume the position of Sales Director. And since then I have been working with the team in order to maintain this continuous growth of the company.” Affirms João Silva.

An intimate conversation, where the commercial director of the AMOB group shares the main challenges of a leadership position and unveils all the dynamics of his daily routine with the commercial team. AMOB has 60 years of history and has always established relationships of trust and proximity with our customers, as a result of the constant work of the sales team. “It’s precisely these relationships that we try to cultivate every day here in the sales department, even when working with customers and partners from the 4 corners of the world, with different cultures and different realities.” Says João Silva.

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