Tube bending machine to major catalytic converters manufacturer

Fully Electric CNC Tube Bending Machine - eMOB80CNC AMOB

| AMOB tube bending machine is the solution to major catalytic converters manufacturer

One of the largest manufacturers of catalytic converters, filters and front tubes in Europe visited us in search of a tube bending machine solution that could further improve the quality of its products.

The fully electric eMOB80CNC was the solution we found to solve our costumer needs.

Our fully electric cnc tube bending machine can bend fixed and variable radii within the same cycle and allow bending with no straight between them.

It also allows automatic spring-back compensation as well as “in cycle” correction, stores tooling configuration and positions storage, runs anti-collision and interpolates all 9 axis.

This shortens setting up and cycle times, consequently eliminating waste and testing periods during the tooling changeover process. As a result, was the ideal solution to our costumer that works with premium materials, where any error is critical

eMOB Series | Fully Electric CNC Tube Bending Machine


  • Power Consumption

Fully-electric tube bending machine are the most energy-efficient machines on the market. Their servo electric motors have the highest rate of energy efficiency and only use power when needed, with immediate torque – there is minimal noise and any heat generated is negligible.

  • Speed

eMOB machines work at high speed with complete control. Each and every axis are independently controlled by absolute servo motors, meaning the speed and movement of each can be synchronised and optimised to perfection – drastically reducing the cycle time.

  • Accuracy

Always spot on – the electronic motion control system of the motors assures that the chosen position will always be the same. Fully-electric machines are not subject to behaviour changes along the way, meaning there’s no time or material lost tweaking the machine.

  • Setup and Programming

Setting up a new part in a fully-electric bender is very simple. All the 3D bending software features like CAD import, tooling libraries, 3D views of the programmed part, anti-collision simulation and spring-back compensation – allied with quick tool change and optimised tool positioning – will get you up and running in no time.

  • Productivity

Productivity is boosted by shorter cycle times, low setup between projects, no adjustments during production, no wasted parts, energy cost reductions and low maintenance procedures.

  • Waste Reduction

Get it right the first time with our 3D bending software, which allows the operator to program as close to the optimum as possible. The in-cycle spring-back compensation prevents trial and error operations, eliminating waste and testing periods during the tooling changeover process. Ideal for high-accuracy sectors, small batch productions and those working with premium materials.

  • Service and Diagnostics

All machine activity is constantly monitored by an electronic motion control system, which provides information on the state of the machine, instructions, and any warning messages. In the case of any problems, our online technicians are on-hand to make a safe access diagnosis which will determine the cause, and then take actions to solve them.

  • Design

Fully-electric motion controls are extremely simple compared with previous technologies. Reduced and more efficient components mean lower friction and wear – allowing for a design with high output, efficiency, rigidity, wear resistance, reliability and operation safety.

  • Eco-friendly

Fully-electric benders have superior no-fluid systems that won’t leak or produce heat or noise, providing a friendly working environment. All components of the machine are recyclable.

  • Safety

Safety is a prime concern with a machine that moves as quickly and quietly as a fully electric bender. Our fully electric cnc tube bender machines can integrate several emergency features such area scanners and light barrier fences.

  • Full control

An eMOB machine’s control system is controlled by an industrial grade computer – allowing easy integration and coordination with other systems such as production cells and 3D imaging devices.