AMOB supplies prominent hydraulic systems company with the MDH-90-CN2

Image - High pressure hydraulic pipe lines

One of Spain’s leading hydraulic systems manufacturers recently appointed AMOB to install a new 90mm capacity mandrel tube bender into their growing production line.
The company – which produces low, medium and high pressure hydraulic systems for a variety of global clients – manufactures everything from couplings and pipe work to full standalone systems that are ready to be installed as one. With a customer base that includes maritime, offshore and agricultural users, the machine needed to be versatile and easy to use.

The MDH-90-CN2 pipe bender is not only user-friendly with its touchscreen controller, but also has quick and easy tool changeovers. This makes the 90mm capacity, two controller axis machine perfect for prototype and small batch runs. What’s more, both the bend angle and the rotation of the tube between bends is numerically controlled – this, combined with the indexed sequential stop system, means that repeatability is easily achieved.

This particular machine was produced to include a bending head that moved anti-clockwise rather than the standard clockwise, in order to fit to the client’s workspace, as well as an increased useful length from the standard three metres. This allows the customer to produce multiple bends in a five metre length of tube. The MDH-90-CN2’s touchscreen controller also has the capacity to hold hundreds of programs, which eliminates the need for reprogramming when repeat jobs arise.