AMOB is the Motor & Sport Institute (MSI) choice.

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Welcome to the future, is the slogan of the Motor & Sport Institute (MSI) in Madrid. This institute aims to be a world reference in the motorsport world, preparing professionals in the most advanced and comprehensive professional facilities including: wind tunnel, robots, digital building with 3D printers and carbon fiber, autoclaves, engine bench, paint shop, etc.

Some of the most important components of motorsport are produced in tube, such as roll cages, exhaust systems, fluid lines, etc. Considering the importance of these components, the MSI chose AMOB as its partner for the supply of bending equipment.

Our cutting-edge technology, state-of-the-art equipment and expertise in tube bending, particularly in motorsport applications, proved to be the most reliable partner for this project.

AMOB has progressively become the world?s leading manufacturer of metalworking technologies, providing one of the biggest ranges of specialised equipment for the tube and pipe bending industry worldwide.

AMOB´s history is based on research and innovation, which have been leading us to be the partner of some of the most important automobile companies in the world.

A meaningful example is undoubtedly Motor Sport & Institute, who chose ourfully electric tube bending machines – The eMOB´s Series for the tube bending applied in the development and research of his institute.

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The Motor & Sport Institute is a unique space in the world with 15,000 m2 dedicated to training, sports and technology. In these facilities, state-of-the-art technology and state-of-the-art equipment coexist with incredible experiences and events for clients and fans, with the commitment to road safety and the promotion of academic and sporting talent.

At MSI you can find the most complete facilities and professional software dedicated to mechanical and electronic engineering of all European universities, both for design and manufacturing, including the wind tunnel, robots, digital manufacturing with 3D printers and fiber optic carbon, autoclaves, motor banks, paint booths, etc.
The training is one of the basic pillars of the MSi, the most ambitious project of Teo Martin that already has the GT Open and Formula Open teams and also with his junior team for the youngest guys who compete in karting.

The center has been equipped with the most modern technologies so that students can carry out their practices together with the professionals of the Teo Martin Motorsport teams and who is ready to build any racing car from its design and projection to the making of carbon parts or the maintenance of engines in the test benches.

Facilities that are at the height of the best Formula 1 teams and where the project managers aim to build a car to compete in the Dakar or the 24 Hours of Le Mans.
Another of the important legs of the project is everything that has to do with the physical and technical preparation of the pilots, the Bio Engineering Center that has a modern gym adapted for the physical preparation and physiotherapy work of the race drivers in a modern room that also has a pool and a water circuit and a hypoxia chamber that will help pilots prepare in extreme heat or high altitude conditions, in addition to three different professional simulators to train with formulas, karts or touring cars.
The MSI has reserved 2000 m2 to create a track for road safety for the education of the youngest with the aim of training future responsible drivers with pedal or electric cars.

Image of Teo Martin Motorsport Team


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