AMOB supplies European automotive giant with sophisticated CE 90 CNC R3 Electric CNC Tube Bender

Img - bend tube on a electric cnc tube bender

AMOB recently delivered a electric cnc tube bending machine to a well-established trailer manufacturer within the automotive sector – one of the biggest European producers of both public and professional trailers.

The company – which has a huge variety of trailer models – manufacture thousands of different parts for the range. So, they got in touch with AMOB with the aim to reduce stock and implement a leaner production method.

The CE 90 CNC R3 fully-automatic electric cnc tube bender has allowed the customer just this, and was delivered with eight different specialist sets of custom tools for bending a huge variety of sections. These range from 60x40x3mm box to 45x190x30x1mm panel profile on various different centre line radii. Within AMOB’s in-house tool department, these were quickly designed, manufactured and then tested.

The team then reduced material marking by perfecting the tooling characteristics and setup. It was crucial to get perfect bend quality, as lots of the parts are visible on the trailer. Some of the specialist panel bending tools removed hydraulic presses applications from the required production process and therefore streamlined the manufacturing process.

The customer required a machine that could bend single profiles on different fixed radii in a single action. This is where the fully CNC, CE range of machinery comes into its own. The machine can move the profile between two or three fixed radius tools in a single action whilst maintaining accuracy and repeatability. Plus, the fact that the CE-90 has automatic tool setup and means tooling changeover time is greatly reduced.

In addition to multiple fixed radius bending, the customer also required a machine that had an in-built spring back compensation library, automatic mandrel lubrication and the capacity to store thousands of parts – the CE-90 CNC R3 electric cnc tube bender ticked all of those boxes.

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