AMOB delivers one of the heaviest duty end formers on the planet!

Img - AMOB_delivers_one_of_the_heaviest_duty_end_formers_on_the_planet

After receiving a specific client request, AMOB has introduced a heavy-hitting new end former to its range – with a 350mm OD capacity, the MB-350 is up there with the biggest pipe end forming machines in the world.

The in-house technical department at AMOB were given very detailed criteria to adhere to, including 350mm OD x 15mm wall capacity, a fully automatic cycle including automatic setup, a digital controller and quick tooling changeover.

The team successfully met the customer’s needs, and the end forming machine was delivered last month. This particular machine is used in the manufacturing of street lamps and traffic lights amongst other road-side fittings, but our end forming machines are also perfect for the ship building industry, offshore drilling platforms and the petrochemical industry.

Contact AMOB with your end forming needs and they will provide a tailor-made solution for you in no time!

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