AMOB delivers another CNC Roll Forming Line system to South America

Img - Cable Tray Systems Roll Forming Line

AMOB supplied a turnkey CNC Roll Forming Line to a customer in Peru this month. The client required a fully-automatic system that would continuously run 24 hours a day, simultaneously producing multiple sizes of cable track. Fortunately, the PF-14 can store a huge amount of different programs within its memory, so producing different sizes is quick and easy. This, combined with quick cassette changes and infinitely adjustable tooling makes production alterations hassle-free.

The fully-automatic CNC roll former was equipped with an 80-tonne CNC punching unit that is capable of 30 punches per minute. The line also has the capacity to manipulate between 1.2mm all the way up to 2.7mm thick sheet. The high-precision cutting system is also accurate down to 0.1mm, which enables the product to be cut to length with 100% accuracy. After cutting, the automatic offloading system unloads the lengths and stores them, ready for shipping worldwide.

If you have a Roll Forming application, contact us for more information.

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