CH Pipe bender installation at the Egyptian Suez Canal Authority

Img - CNC CH Pipe Bender Installation at Egypt

The Egyptian Suez Canal Authority was looking to increase productivity at one of their affiliate shipyards. The CEO demanded nothing but the state of the art in pipe bending. He looked no further and ordered AMOB cnc CH pipe bender model CH 120 CNC capacity 114,3 x 8,6 x CLR 1,5D!

The installation was a success and AMOB staff made again an excellent job during training procedures taking advantage of the user friendly and intuitive AMOB CNC controller. AMOB – Where technology meets your needs!

CH Series | CNC Pipe Bender

  • Quick tool changing: In order to reduce setup times, all CH-HD machines feature
    quick tool changing.
  • Rear and front tube loading system: Integrated loading/unloading systems can also
    be added.
  • Motorised tool adjustment: CH-HD models can be equipped with motorised
    tool adjustment