Adler brothers lead the German market with their exhaust systems for motorcycles.

A passion that started 10 years ago!

Frederic and Enrico Adler developed a strong aptitude for the technological world and for mechanical engineering, this passion resulted in the creation of AdlerTech.

AdlerTech, a company based near Dresden, Germany, is now a world reference! It develops, designs and manufactures exhaust systems for all types of combustion engines – “Made in Germany”. It is even able to provide a tailor made solution upon request, with an undeniable quality based on many years of experience.

Over time the Adler brothers faced the challenge of producing 100% effective bends with excellent results, for this they stopped welding because it’s a very time consuming and expensive process and they decided to look for a tube bending machine, here came the first contact with the AMOB group.

Since the beginning, Frederic and Enrico identified with the AMOB team and a proposal was quickly presented based on AdlerTech needs, the main objective would be to bend pipes for motorcycle exhausts in thin-walled titanium in the range of OD35 to 60 mm.

“We had received offers from various tube bending machine manufacturers and the offer from AMOB was the one we liked best. We found the contact with the German sales team very serious and this has then encouraged us together with the technical aspects to buy the machine. Now it is here and we are very happy!” says Frederic Adler, Founder.

The perfect solution for AdlerTech was an MDH90 CN1 bending machine, this range comes with hydraulic mandrel extractor, clamp and pressure die, and it guarantees a good-quality bending result, MDH Series allows bending complex tube geometries within seconds of programming!

AMOB is always available to listen to the technical requirements of those looking to revolutionize a business, always showing the best and most technological bending solutions!

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